Our Team

"The Wild Duck Inn" Team Members

Our company is run by a team of experts who are responsible for our investment company. All of them have plenty of experience under their belt, and they are the ones who make sure that our investments go into the right hands. If you want our company to invest tin yours, you have to meet the criteria of these guys, who are tough but fair. Meet our team.

Andrew McFarren

Andrew McFarren, Investor Relations

Andrew McFarrenAndrew McFarren takes care of communication activities with other corporations and the development of our company. He works close with investors and financial analysts. Andrew makes sure that communication is smooth inside and outside the company. Before joining our team in the Investor Relations Department, he was running the Public Relations Department in two big corporations. Finances are his specialty, and he is the go-to person when you have any questions related to investments.

Margaret Schneider

Margaret Schneider, Chief Financial Officer

Margaret SchneiderWhen it comes to finances of the Wild Duck Inn, Schneider takes care of every financial aspect of the company. She issues financial reports, makes financial plans and analyses, as well as risk assessments with her team. She is in charge of controlling the company’s finances and determining where the company could be more cost-efficient and where it could invest more. She also manages the taxes of the company, and occasionally takes the role of the financial adviser. Before joining our team, Margret Schneider was part of an audit committee for 11 years.

Nathaniel Anderson

Nathaniel Anderson, Senior Accountant

Nathaniel AndersonAnderson is the senior accountant in our company whereby he evaluates cash flow and makes analyses of the cash policies in the company. He is also in charge of complex investment transactions that require a good financial eye. He and his team also make calculations and analyses of the investments, and they make estimates of how the investment will perform. Also, they analyze investments retrospectively, issuing reports on how the investment performed. Our senior accountant makes sure that the statistics show where every dollar goes. Nathaniel holds a Bachelor degree in economics and business. He had worked as an accountant for the past 10 years before he joined our team.

Robert Mitchel

Robert Mitchel, Co-founder, and CEO

Robert MitchelThe head of the company is Robert Mitchel. Mitchel has been an investment banker for many years before he decided to establish Wild Duck Inn with other fellow co-founders. Based on his investment experience, he knows which companies have the potential in the market, and which company is going to achieve high stock value. His rule is to invest in companies who have a fair shot in the market and whose leadership will increase the company’s value. The CEO has several investment successes behind him which qualifies him for this position.

Sandra Peterson, Counselling

Sandra Peterson, Counselling

Sandra PetersonPeterson is in charge of our legal affairs and makes sure everything is conducted and executed according to the law. As an investment company, we have to deal with a lot of uncertainties, and our legal department verifies that the companies we are supposed to invest in are on the right side of the law.

Richard Stevenson

Richard Stevenson, President

Richard StevensonThe right hand of our CEO is the President, Steven Mitchell. Before he joined our team, he was a managing director of mergers and acquisitions in a couple of companies. He is also familiar with the investment world since he has been a private investor in stocks for a very long time. His experience in trading and investing in stocks is very valuable to us since it enables him to make efficient investment decisions and to select the right companies eligible for investment. Also, he holds a degree in economics.