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“The Wild Duck Inn” is an investment company established with the aim to provide you with reliable holding and managing securities for investment purposes and make your wishes come true. We are here to invest money on behalf of our clients; we are the company made for you!

Our investment philosophy is based on growth investing and value investing, which means that we buy into companies that have promising emerging products, or services that hold promising growth potential, and we seek relatively undervalued stocks and believe they will eventually produce substantial returns. These challenges are exactly what keeps us going forward. We are always ready to cope with your new and inspiring ideas.

We have years of experience behind us in the investment field with some of the greatest experts that would be glad to help anytime and advise you on the matter. Our company is very professional and also ready to deal with its tasks in an efficient and competent way.

We seek opportunities that provide the chance for an entire society to move forward and develop in different directions. We want to be a part of possibilities with bright future, promising potential and high value which is not always recognized by most people.

We will help you to make your dreams come true which is the main reason why you should choose our investment company. There is a way to get everything that you ever wanted if you choose “The Wild Duck Inn” as your investment company.

We invest in private businesses of all sorts such as pubs, shops, small companies and other services and products which you are trying to present to the wider circle of people, potential buyers, and investors. Make sure that your idea is worth of our investments; surprise us with something original and unique for your society and be certain that we will be glad to help you to present that idea to the community, the country, or the entire world. Why not? We allow you to dream big and move the limits.

This Stock is up 200%, but Chart Points to More Gains

stock chartWhen it comes to commodities, they are going through a boom period right now, at a GDS of 20% whereby there is room for further increase. Gold, silver, and copper have risen by 6.12% and incredible 11% this year. The mining company giant Freeport- McMoran Inc saw an increase in stocks of 22% based on the performance of the main commodities in the market. The eight-week high in a row is an event not seen before in the commodities stock market.

The performance of gold is at 7%, while for aluminum it is slightly higher with 9%. A third place takes copper with an increase of 10% which is the best week for this commodity (Feb 6- Feb 10), whereby silver and platinum are at astonishing 12%.

Copper as The Best Performing Commodity of 2017

Goldman and Sach also give positive statements on copper demand and the stocks and predict a bullish trend for copper for at least several more months. They also commented that China’s demand would keep the market flourishing for some time. A commodities analyst even predicts a bigger demand for this commodity which will surpass production capacities and might cause a deficit by only 2019. [more…]